Pentecostal Revival Church
12 Portsea Drive, Seaford Rise, South Australia

Transforming Lives & Transforming Communities

Venue for Sunday Service in Adelaide, SA :
Time: 10:00-13:00
Room 1&2 Woodcroft Community Centre
175 Bains Road Morphett Vale
SA 5162 Australia

Pentecostal Revival Church was founded in February 2004, and since then, the amazing Grace of God have been witnessed. The Church is not a result of a split, but in 1992 Ignatious Zimbeva heard the voice calling, “Ignatious, Ignatious, start a church.” He said, “No.” But in 1997 he answered the call into ministry, and started serving as a youth pastor. Through the years God continued speaking into his life, preparing him for the greater calling.
More significantly, in 2001 God revealed to him about the great end-time revival promised to this generation. The voice said, “When this revival come, hospitals will be empty.” And in December 2003, God said to Ignatious, “I want you to be a supervisor of the vision of a church that is a set Standard, founded upon the Rock (Jesus Christ), and built according to a Pattern that is on my own heart.”
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