Membership Benefits

To see the available subscription packs and buy one, Sign up as a vendor then go to:

Why BUY a Subscription package to become a vendor?

This is an Afrocentric marketplace operated from Australia with branches in UK and Africa we have a wide experience and reach of international markets that you immediately open by registering with us. Businesses and individuals this is your opportunity to get international exposure. Get your products off the streets and upload them on this digital marketplace.  See Terms and conditions for more.


  • Puts you in control of your products
  • Every seller gets their own store with a unique URL and branding.
    Copy and paste our store URL to market store on social networks, emails and texts.
  • Beautiful storefront styles with contact details and ability to link to all your social networks
  • Store location map on store front
  • Vendor Dashboard, manage products, orders, withdrawals, see their sales report, generate statements and more all in one place
  • Vendors manage and offer discounts for each product.
  • You get total control of your web page as soon as you finish the registration process as a vendor
  • You now own a website store where you can immediately start selling your products.
  • Your business operations with is smooth and fast as we manage all other website backend based processes like
    website hosting fees,
    website maintenance fees
    website security features,
    advertising and worldwide promotions,
    monthly newsletters featuring your products
    24/7 support through email, chat and phone calls
    expose your products to our global markets
    links your web page to our social network sites

Everything will work as you expected with support from dedicated team of experts. We have designed this marketplace following the best intuitive practices from popular ecommerce activators
We regularly keep our version updated for flawless operation and integration with dependable services. We just not only keep things compatible, we have a style of adding the trendiest new features with every update.

Currently 4 product TYPES are supported:
Physical products
Downloadable digital products
Variable product- post products with variables like colour, size etc
Bookable products– We have a fully functional calendar to run your bookings. People can buy the booking slots that you have advertised.