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T444z Major uses Balding and Hairline restoration Dandruff and itchy scalp Breaking and thinning hair T444Z Hair Food it does the following 12 THINGS IN 1. Effective On 1. Dry Scalp 2. Moisturizing the hair 3. Itchy scalp 4. Dandruff 5. Hair line repair 6. Patches 7. Balding 8. Stop hair from breaking 9. Makes hair thicker 10. Volume 11. Growing hair 12. Brittle hair
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Introducing yet another fantastic product T444z Hair VOLUMISING MOISTURISER.Our moisturiser is different from other moistuirisers because: 1)it gives one instant volume relaxed hair or not 2) the moisture can last up 2 weeks even when the hair is not braided. 3) stops the hair from breaking 4) one can afford to stay the time without braiding or weaving and yet the hair will still grow and not shedding. The hair food will now be used just on the scalp. The results are amazing!!
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